The Ensemble which was established in 2014 by Enrico Gabrielli and Sebastiano de Gennaro is composed of musicians with extremely different cultural origins, who joined in the attempt to unravel some questioning on the relation between the language of contemporary learned music and the one of contemporary uneducated music such as metal, noise and avant-garde.
For several years de Gennaro and Gabrielli ( alias Der Maurer) have developed in a non conventional manner a research on contemporary learned music, on its possible contaminations and its unavoidable spreading outside the academic circles.
In their concerts at times the scores are performed with a wealth of details, while at other times they undergo an intervention of “hyper-interpretation”: which is due to a sensitive relation with the social context where the performance takes place.
The study of the context and of the ways of approach combined with the experience acquired in recreational sites, such as clubs or public premises, are the foundations of their work.

The Ensemble of the performers of Metallo su Carta made its début in the springtime 2014 in order to perform transcriptions of passages drawn from the repertoire of Italian instrumental bands of alternative area and metal-math-rock.