Main projects

EdMsC the generative plan

An ensemble of six elements to perform transcriptions of  pieces drawn  from the repertoire of Italian instrumental  bands in the area math-rock, noise, avant-garde and more or less heavy


Obviously we are talking about transcription of  folk-loric music never reported before on five-line stave.Therefore,”mutatis mutandis”, we could say that the plan of re-thinking a repertoire like the one by  the Italian groups, belonging to the most  variegated  panorama of the independent rock, for a chamber ensemble ( English  horn, bass clarinet, trombone and baritone bugle, violin, piano, percussions ) inserts itself in a well tested  ethno-musicological mainstream, which has produced artistic fruits of different  importance and  value. The starting intent, however, did not confine itself to a mere purpose of  registration. For that, as we know, there is the recording support, either physical or liquid. The starting-point, instead, was represented by the will to show that the selected pieces for transcription  on paper, although starting from very  distant composing ideas, attained to lap territories of pure classic-contemporary  experimentation. Enrico Gabrielli and the EdMsC show an impressive closeness of the intuitions of these fine rock musicians and the qualities of “learned” composers like Louis Andriessen, Magnus Lindberg, David Lang and even Charles Ives, just to mention few musical suggestions.


Presently the transposed works belong to the following  groups:

Zeus!, Morkobot, Zu, Fuzz Orchestra, Meteor, Aucan, Hobocombo, Julie’s Haircut, Bologna Violenta and Appaloosa.
The support of this selection of works has been recorded in September 2014 at the SAE, Milano, by Roberto Rettura and mastered by Roberto Rettura at the Studio Spaziale, Bologna, and will be published in the near future.